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Degrees and Certifications:

Eastern Illinois University Education Certified Early Childhood - 9th grade

Mrs. Amy Wiltgen

2018-2019 Schedule 

7:10-7:30am     Outside exersice on the playground

7:30-7:40a.m    Unpack, prepare for 1st period class, and switch classes

7:40-7:55am     D.E.A.R

7:55-8:00am     Announcements/Pledge/Moment of Silence 

8:00-8:45am     1st period - Ms. Gross/Reading and Social Studies

8:45-9:40am     Special Areas

9:40-9:50am     Bathroom rotations and healthy snack break

9:50-10:20am   1st period continued - Ms.Gross/Reading and Socail Studies

10:20-11:35am 2nd period - Mrs. Lawson/Writing and Science

11:35-12:15pm 3rd period - Mrs. Wiltgen/Math

12:15-1:00pm   Lunch and Recess(12!5, 12:18, 12:21, 12:24, 12:27)

1:00-1:10pm     Restroom and Cool down, Calm down/DEAR

1:10-1:55pm     Success Time - Intervention groups and activities

2:00-2:35pm     3rd period continued - Mrs. Wiltgen/Math

2:35-2:55pm     Study Hall/Unfinished Work/DEAR

2:55-3:00pm     Dismiss Students