• Naviance

    New Sign On Procedureslogin screen

    1) Sign in to Denton ISD SSO account

    2) Scroll down until you see the Naviance SAML Icon

    3) Click the icon

    4) Student should be automatically logged in to Naviance account

    Parents can access their student's Naviance account through information that was emailed to parents by Kathleen Ashton, a DHS School Counselor. If you are having trouble logging in to your Naviance account, please contact Mrs. Ashton.
    About Naviance
    Naviance is a web-based resource that provides students and families with the tools to be an advocate in academic, career and college choices and decisions. At Denton High School, our aim is to integrate Naviance into major academic, college, and career milestones during each grade of high school.
    Naviance is a great tool for...
    College Readiness:
    • Use the three college search databases to help find colleges that match your interests and needs.
    • Place colleges you are interested in, in the Colleges I'm Thinking About list as you research.
    • Access scholarship searches and lists.
    • Complete transcript requests.
    Career Readiness:
    • Complete a career assessment. Use this to think about careers of possible interest.
    • Research career options.
    • Access Road Trip Nation, a series of videos about various careers.
    Setting Goals:
    • Set realistic, attainable goals.
    • Review and complete tasks that your counselor or teacher needs you to complete.
    • Write a resume.

    *For complete instructions for student log in: Naviance Student Log In Quick Guide
    *For complete instructions for parent long in: Naviance Parent Log In Quick Guide
    *For information about the Naviance Mobile App: Naviance Mobile App Quick Guide