• Forward Gmail to Outlook E-Mail


    • Sign in to your Gmail account as yourusername@g.dentonisd.org (The password should be the same as your Denton ISD network password)

    • Click the cogwheel in the top right corner


    • Click Settings

    • Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP located at the top of the page


    • Click the Add a forwarding address button

    • Type in your Denton ISD email address

                                        E-mail Address
    • Click Next

    • Click Proceed at the window asking you to confirm the forwarding address

    • Click OK at the Add a forwarding address window

    • Go to your Denton ISD e-mail and open the e-mail from the Denton ISD Team

                       Confirmation E-mail

    • Click the link to confirm the request to forward an e-mail from your g.dentonisd.org account

                                  Click Link

    • A pop-up window will tell you the Confirmation was a success


    • Once you log back into your Gmail account you can go back to the settings and click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP link and you will now see that your e-mail is forwarded
      • You have the option of clicking the button to disable the forward at any time if you wish to do so