Denton ISD Acceptable Use Policy & Guidelines

    The Employee Handbook has been designed to inform you of those policies directly affecting you. It is important that all employees of DISD who are using its technology watch the professional video as well as read the policies and guidelines set forth in the handbook.
    Many of the procedures are excerpts from the Board Policy Manual of the Denton Independent School District. A copy of the complete manual is available from the district website  ( You are welcome to refer to it for further information on any school policy. Board policies are subject to change throughout the calendar year. Therefore, this handbook of personnel policies and procedures may become outdated with regard to Board Policy changes made during the school term.
    Your electronic signature acknowledges that you have read the Acceptable Use Policy within the Employee Handbook and that you agree to abide by the rules, regulations, policies, and guidelines established.
    For Staff
    • CLICK HERE to download the AUP pages taken from the Employee Handbook (PDF)
    • CLICK HERE to view the Professional Video on YouTube with Closed Captions available. (also available on Safe Schools)
    • CLICK HERE to access the Electronic Signature Page

     Cyber Safety Classroom Resources
    • CLICK HERE to access the Cyber Safety Resource Page
    For Students
    Student AUP Videos
    • CLICK HERE to view the Elementary Student Video in English (WMV)
    • CLICK HERE to view the Elementary Student Video in Spanish (WMV)
    Additional Student Permission Forms