• Pecan Creek Elementary is very excited to offer our fifth grade students an opportunity to participate in Student Council. The Student Council will help promote the mission of the campus. Please contact Michelle Brown or Kendra Gonzales, club sponsors, for more information. 
    What is a student council?  A group of elected & volunteer students working with an adult sponsor within the frame work of a constitution to provide: 

    1) a means for student expression and assistance in school affairs and community activities;

    2) encouragement of student/faculty/community relations;

    3) opportunities for student leadership development.

     What are the roles of student council?   An effective student council improves the atmosphere and well being of a school. A student council has the purpose of creating a sense of community within the school and allowing all students the opportunity to experience a sense of being connected to their school. 

    How does a student council work?  A student council allows students from all grade levels to have their interests represented and discussed.  This is accomplished through representation, teamwork, compromise and voting.  Members of the council represent the student body.