• About Savannah Elementary

    Savannah Elementary was built in 2005 to meet the needs of the rapidly-growing eastern portion of the district. The school is named after Savannah, the master-planned community along U.S. Highway 380 in which it stands, and is the easternmost school in the district.

    Savannah prides itself on its innovative and structured approach to education, with teachers stressing the importance of an academic foundation while also incorporating new ideas and technology into the classroom. Daily enrichment or remediation instruction helps students achieve proper learning skills, while the school’s dedicated staff has been recognized for its innovative ideas and programs with honors and grants for them to flourish.

    Parent and community involvement is a boon at the school as well, with a strong PTA hosting everything from a large fall festival to a daddy-daughter dance and neighborhood volunteers stepping in to help at school-sponsored events and with class projects.

    With an environmental club, book club, student council, thespian guild, science club, choir and orchestra all on campus, there is an activity or club to entice every student at Savannah to join. These opportunities, along with a caring staff and supportive community, allows the school to meet its mission state of “preparing for the future, today!”

    Mission: “Preparing for the Future…Today!!!”

    Vision: Savannah Elementary will become a collaborative community of excellence that challenges students to reach their academic and social potential.


    Attitude: We will maintain a positive environment of encouragement, recognition, humor, and fun.

    Communication: We will openly interact with each other in truthful and respectful manner to cultivate trust and productivity without fear of retaliation.

    Innovation: We will build a forward-thinking environment that keeps up with technology, best practices, and is open to unconventional ideas.

    Respect: We will value each other’s opinions and differences with open mindedness and tolerance.

    Team Work: We will work together toward a common goal by sharing responsibilities while implementing our value system.

    Established: 2005
    Mascot: Gators
    Colors: Navy Blue, Orange and Green