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    Phi Delta Kappa is an honorary organization whose mission is to provide leadership and research to the nation’s educational leaders. A large piece of this mission is the annual publication of the PDK poll (published since 1969). This year’s Phi Delta Kappan poll of U.S. opinions about the public schools reveals the following:


    • S. adults say that academic achievement isn’t the only mission for schools; career and personal skills also are important in preparing for life after high school.
    • People overwhelmingly want schools to do more than educate students academically.
    • There is significant public opposition to school vouchers.
    • Most Americans say schools should provide wraparound services for students and seek additional public money to pay for them.
    • Parents say standardized tests don’t measure what’s important to them, and they put test scores at the bottom of school quality indicators.
    • Public schools get the highest grades from those who know them best –parents of students currently enrolled in public schools.
    • Most public school parents expect their children to attend college full time, but not necessarily a four-year college.


    These results follow a trend of the last several years – parents want more from schools than academic achievement and standardized tests. We all have a basic idea of what this “product” should be, a well-adjusted, competent young adult ready and prepared to succeed in whatever post-secondary path they choose. Defining the “product” of public education is a philosophical debate that has been around for years. We get tripped up when the definition is cast across the entire student body. The product is simply different for every student.


    Information like this poll and discussions of our “product” at Denton High School are part of our planning process currently undertaken by our Campus Leadership Team. Each year, this group of faculty, administrators, parents, and community representatives produces a Campus Improvement Plan. This includes review of prior goals, an assessment of campus needs and discussion of where DHS needs to be in the future. Our 2017-18 Campus Improvement Plan will be available for public review on our website in a few weeks.



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    “The 49th Annual PDK Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools” in Phi Delta Kappan, September 2017 (Vol. 99, #1, p. K1-K32); the full poll results, along with commentary and opportunities to comment, are available at www.pdkpoll.org (reprint from the Marshall Memo at http://www.marshallmemo.com/issue.php?I=c6446e47e7504a147dff5bb172b2f9b1).


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    Joel H. Hays