3D Printing in the Hub

  • Braswell Hub has a MakerBot Replicator Mini 3D Printer.  

    Students can print by following the directions below.  

    Makerbot Directions

    1. Create an original 3D object using one of the following programs (some programs require you to make a free account)
    2. The object you create needs to be saved as an .stl file
    3. The object cannot be bigger than 3.5 inch square
    4. Upload the file to your google drive
    5. Share the file in google drive with
    6. Stop by the Hub and ask about your creation , so we can start printing
    7. All items are printed in gray filament


    **Students cannot just download a 3D file form the internet.  The file must be origianl student work or a piece that allows for modification.  

    Students will need to make a significant change to the file to make it their own.**