About Our School

  • About Sparks Campus

    The Joe Dale Sparks Campus is for students who have encountered legal and/or disciplinary issues to continue their education. The school operates as part of the Denton County Juvenile Detention System and serves all students in Denton County. The school is named after Joe Dale Sparks, a former Denton ISD teacher.

    Sparks prides itself on its ability to reach these students at their most vulnerable state and work with them to receive the highest education possible while they are away from the natural class setting.

    Students at Sparks are taught by certified teachers employed by Denton ISD, but eventually return to their home campuses throughout Denton County once their legal and/or disciplinary issues are resolved. During their time at school, these students are able to participate in coursework assigned by their respective schools.

    The goal of the teachers and administrators at Sparks is to create a positive and nurturing environment for its students while making sure they follow the necessary guidelines and procedures of the county detention center. Sparks staff will work to ensure these students have the opportunity to earn school credit and maintain a pace toward their high school graduation.

    Established: Named Joe Dale Sparks Campus 20 years ago
    Mascot: Spartans
    Colors: Navy Blue and Gold
    Our Mission: The faculty and staff of the Joe Dale Sparks Campus will strive to create a safe, positive, and nurturing learning environment where all students can succeed.