What is STOPit?

  • The district has adopted Stopit as their new reporting app and will replace SafeSchools. With STOPit, you have the power to protect yourself and others from harmful, inappropriate, or unsafe behavior. Use the STOPit mobile app to anonymously report incidents to your school. Reporting is completely anonymous. You can include text, images or video. It only takes a few seconds. Report incidents such as:

    • Bullying
    • Cyberbullying or cyber abuse
    • Harassment
    • Violence, threats, or weapons possession
    • Alcohol or drug-related issues
    • Hazing
    • Discrimination
    • Ethics violations such as cheating or plagiarism

    To get started you can download the app from either the Google Play or Apple App store and obtain your access code from your campus. 


    Empower a culture of acceptance and safety throughout your school community with STOPit.

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          FAQs for Parents

          • Can I as a parent use the app to report incidents?

          • What student information does the school or user need to provide to STOPit?

          • What information does STOPit obtain when using the app?

          • Is it really anonymous? Can the school find out who my child is through the STOPit app?

          • Can STOPit be used by children under the age of 13?

          • What types of behavior or activity is supposed to be reported with STOPit?

          • Who receives the reports my child submits via STOPit?