Adopt-A-School Information

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    Help strengthen our schools.

    Our Adopt-A-School program is about providing ways for our local community to support our schools and in turn benefit our teachers, staff and students.

    How are District Partners different
    than Campus Adopters?

    Businesses and organizations who wish to impact multiple campuses or sponsor an overarching district initiative, participate in Adopt-A-School through our District Partnership program. Through the donation of funds or services, local businesses large and small support district-wide contests, events and awards for our teachers and students.

    District Partner supported programs include:
    • University of North Texas Future Eagles campus visit
    for all 6th graders
    • 4th & 5th Grade Art & Essay Contest
    • University of North Texas basketball games
    • Growth Tour for area Realtors
    • Fulfilling campus wish list items throughout the year

    Businesses that target one school or particular program participate in Adopt-A-School by adopting an individual campus or initiative. Adoptions are tailored to suit each business and school, depending on the company’s resources and the school’s needs. Often activities include mentoring, science, math or history fairs and sponsorships of fieldtrips or after-school projects.

    Our adopters often provide the “educational extras” that a campus might not traditionally have the means to provide. From reading to students, tutoring those who need extra assistance, or running a field day; adults in our community give their time and attention to students on the campus their business works with. In turn, local business leaders have shared that working with our students benefits their employees through improved morale and building a sense of community within their own organization.



    We are always in need of more volunteers and mentors! Our District Partners and Campus Adopters often provide their expertise through mentoring, guest speaking and volunteering. Our adopters bring experienced professionals from a wide range of industries including: medical, financial, architectural, energy, construction and real estate. They help our students learn skills directly from people working in industry every day and provide opportunities for students that wouldn’t otherwise have the means or experience on a regular basis.


    Campus Adopters are needed at all 42 of Denton ISD’s schools. We will work with you to place you at a location that is suitable for your businesses based on geographic location, campus needs, etc.