About Our Department

  • Career and Technology Education courses are designed to prepare students in the technical and professional skills necessary to succeed in today’s high-demand occupational environment. Students have the opportunity to utilize their academic skills in the following career fields:
    • Arts & Audio/Video Production
    • Architecture
    • Aviation and Aviation Maintenance 
    • Agriculture
    • Automotive technology
    • Business
    • CNC manufacturing
    • Computer Networking
    • Computer Science
    • Cosmetology
    • Culinary Arts
    • Education and Training
    • Engineering
    • Graphic Design 
    • Health Science
    • HVAC/Electrical
    • Law/Enforcement
    • Welding
    These programs provide a variety of elective courses from which students are allowed to select and are in addition to the academic courses required for graduation. Career and Technology Education can help a student explore his/her potential and establish future career goals.

    Mission Statement

    Career and Technology Education will provide a positive difference in the lives of our students by making connections through technology-rich, academically rigorous curriculum and real-world applications that empower our students to become contributing members of the global community.


    Empower our...

    • students with the skills they need to compete in the job market
    • students to be lifelong learners and productive global citizens
    • teachers to be powerful life-change agents
    • parents to be active partners in developing their students
    • community to develop key partnerships for our students