Certification Reimbursements

  • Currently, only the following exams are eligible for reimbursement:

    1. Certified Nurse Aide
    2. Pharmacy Technician
    3. Emergency Medical Technician
    4. Cosmetology Written & Practical Exam
    5. Educational Aide

    These certifications are only eligible for reimbursement if the student is enrolled in a course in a Program of Study and is paid for by the student or parents of a student.  These certifications are licensed through a state and federal organization, and we cannot purchase from them upfront. 


  • Student Certification Reimbursement Process:

    • Fill out the certification reimbursement form
    • CTE Admin. Assistant will use the information given to add the person who paid as a vendor so that they can reimbursed.
    • Once the vendor addition is approved and completed, a check request is entered on your behalf. 
    • Once the check request is approved, it can take a week, to a week and a half to get the check cut. 
    • Once a check is cut, it is mailed that same day, delivery is through USPS. 


    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the reimbursement process, please call 940-369-0449 or email CTEDepartment@dentonisd.org