Research Requests

  • Denton Independent School District has a special interest in cooperating with persons wishing to conduct research, surveys, and studies within the schools. In keeping with the mission of the Denton ISD, however, all proposals must be in the best interest of the students being served. Prior to the research, survey, or study, the district must decide that the data generated will be useful in its programming.

    To be considered:

    Consideration of proposals will be done in a timely manner in order of receipt. As a result of the volume of requests, the school district gives priority consideration to studies being conducted by doctoral students or by university faculty members involved in research. Master's theses, undergraduate papers and surveys are discouraged. However, all proposals will receive strong consideration based on merit.

    The following factors should be considered in the preparation of a proposal for research:

    1. The deadline for consideration are Aug. 15 for fall projects and Nov. 15 for spring projects.
      This policy is based upon the requirements of the local assessment program and general
      activities within the schools.
    2. Proposals must be compatible with the policies and regulations of Denton ISD.
    3. No students may be personally identified and reported as individuals within a study. There will be no recording, audio or visual, of students or staff. The use of test results, attendance and other personal data will be carefully limited.
    4. The amount of time required from students or the professional staff will be a key-determining factor. Therefore, researchers should use small groups or samples whenever possible. Permission to use all schools or all students in a grade level is not possible.
    5. No human subject will be subjected to experimental treatments (including medications or mind control) or control groups that will impede their learning rate or subject them to physical harm or discomfort.
    6. No human subject will be subjected to electronic devices that may be attached or used by a subject that may emit radiation and/or electrical charges, e.g., X rays, electrolysis, shocking or stunning devices, etc., and inordinate sound damaging high or low frequency sounds.
    7. The potential value of the results of the research to Denton ISD is necessary. Therefore, a summary or copy of the results is required. A copy of the doctoral dissertation should be sent to
    8. The interest of the principal(s) and his/her ability to schedule or accommodate the research will be a factor.
    9. When a university student is included in the research, the project must have the prior approval of the major advisor.
    10. A background check is required for any person(s) having contact with students, teachers orAdministrators on campus. Background checks must be cleared through Denton ISD prior tothe research proposal being approved.
    11. Upon completion of your background check, you will receive a confirmation. Please e-mailyour confirmation to: – this will provide access to begin theprocess of consideration.
    12. Once research is approved, changes may not be made without resubmitting and receivingapproval for changes.

    For more information, please contact:
    Office of Academic Programs Denton Independent School District 1307 North Locust Denton, TX 76201 Phone: 940-369-0042