Board Goals


    Denton Independent School District 
    Board Goals

    Mission Statement: Empowering lifelong learners to be engaged citizens who positively impact their local and global community.

    Vision Statement: A premiere destination district committed to excellence in diversity and equity.
    Teaching & Learning 
    In pursuit of excellence, we will:
    • Develop and maintain a culture where learning remains our first priority
    • Advocate and practice true accountability based on measurement of individual student progress over time, regardless of external mandates
    • Cultivate a consistent, strong, district-wide balanced curriculum based on ongoing needs assessments supporting all students
    • Establish high expectations with a curriculum fostering inquiry, critical thinking, civic responsibility and exemplary citizenship
    • Cultivate a network of professional learning communities addressing the educational needs of every child in our district
    • Foster continuous improvement in teaching, learning, technology and leadership
    • Foster and support an advanced digital learning environment
    • Establish goals for individual campuses that incorporate both measurable and intangible factors
    Culture & Climate
    In pursuit of excellence, we will:
    • Honor the dedication and professionalism of all staff
    • Celebrate, respect and promote the value of diversity in our Denton ISD Community
    • Support a working environment ensuring open and transparent communication
    • Establish high expectations for success
    • Instill in students a love of lifelong learning
    • Foster a positive, welcoming environment encouraging parent and community partnerships
    • Promote mental health, physical wellness and social-emotional well-being
    • Effectively communicate achievements and recognitions to the Denton ISD community
    Growth & Management
    In pursuit of excellence, we will:
    • Recruit, employ and retain high quality teachers
    • Remain committed to providing equitable and outstanding opportunities for every student on every campus
    • Work with the community in planning and facility development
    • Utilize citizens’ advisory committees to focus on short and long-term tasks
    • Adjust policies and procedures to address rapid growth and changing demographics, nurturing our strong sense of community
    • Demonstrate effective and efficient management of district resources
    • Provide leadership and/or oversight to ensure District meets all fiscal, legal and regulatory requirements
    • Encourage teachers and staff to pursue advanced degrees
    • Pursue energy efficiency and conservation principles
    • Develop a budget focused on student and professional learning
    • Maintain a diverse workforce
    Opportunities for Students
    In pursuit of excellence, we will:
    • Support college, career, military and life readiness
    • Engage students in extracurricular clubs and organizations
    • Advocate for public education across the state and nation
    • Develop academic skills and interpersonal relationships necessary for student success in college, the workplace and for life
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