Special Education Services

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    It is the mission of the Special Education Services Department to actively respond to the needs of students with disabilities and their families by providing supports that will encourage and foster empowerment, independence, and inclusiveness in all aspects of the educational experience in school and beyond.


    Important notice regarding special education and Denton ISD Connected Learning:

    Special Education services will be available to all students with individual education plans, regardless of their enrollment as a student who attends Denton ISD in-person or via Denton ISD’s Connected Learning Platform.  Due to the nature of certain special education services, some services may not be provided in the same manner as they would be if a student was in the classroom.   ARD committees will work together to determine in a collaborative and individual manner the setting that is best for each student’s unique needs and may meet more often than usual to adjust services and make recommendations that are in the best interests of each student.