Audio/Video Recording in Self Contained Classroom

  • Texas Education Code §29.022 (i.e. SB 507) requires school districts to place, operate, and maintain video cameras with audio recording capability in certain self-contained classrooms and other special education settings for students with disabilities, upon the request of a parent, trustee or staff member, for the purpose of promoting the safety of students with disabilities in these classrooms.

    A parent, trustee or staff member may make a request for installation and operation of video/audio recording of a self-contained classroom or other special education setting by completing and submitting to the campus principal a Request for the Installation of Video and Audio Recording Equipment (“Request for Installation”) form, including identification of the specific self-contained classroom or other special education setting for which the request is being made. The Request for Installation form may be obtained from below.

    Request for Installation Form in English and Español

    A person may notify the District of an alleged incident occurring in a self-contained classroom or other special education setting where video/audio surveillance is in effect by completing an Incident Report form and providing it to the campus principal. The Incident Report form may be obtained below.  The person making the Incident Report should be as specific as possible regarding the date, time, and location of the suspected incident, should include any witnesses, and should describe the suspected incident as clearly as possible. The Incident Report should be provided to the campus principal as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours after the reporter becomes aware of a suspected incident.

    Incident Report Form in English

    Incident Report Form in Español