Programs and Services

  • Children are special and so is their education in Denton ISD. When a student has been identified to need specially designed instruction, these programs and services are available, supported, and monitored through the Denton ISD Special Education Department.teacher working with a student

    The Individual Education Plan Committee (IEPc) follows the Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) process to determine which services a student needs. This is a collaborative process that includes parents, teachers, administrators, assessment staff, and other relevant staff based on student needs. The services to be provided are outlined through the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP).

    Programs and Services for students receiving Special Education are provided in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). This means that Denton ISD provides a Continuum of Special Education Services for students determined on an individual bases through the IEPc process to ensure LRE.

Denton ISD Special Education believes students are empowered to reach their potential

    • with the proper support and opportunities, every student can learn and succeed
    • learning differences and disabilities are to be respected
    • parents of children with special needs should be viewed as valuable partners
    • collaboration between special education and general education staff is imperative
    • all school staff are responsible for meeting the individual needs of students
    • language differences are not disabilities, nor should they be a barrier to special education supports and services
    • all special education services should aim to minimize the impact of a disability while maximizing opportunities for students to participate in the general curriculum
    • involving students with special needs in decisions affecting their education is empowering and fueling self efficacy and the ability to successfully transition into higher education and/or employment
    • high expectations informed by ongoing assessments foster a special education system that is fluid which enables students to enter and exit as appropriate
    • special education staff are valued professional members of a school team