• Dyslexia is a disorder of constitutional origin manifested by difficulty in learning to read, write, and/or spell, despite conventional instruction, adequate intelligence, and socio-cultural opportunity. (Texas Education Code §38.003)
    Children learn to read, write and spell in different ways.  A balanced reading program should meet the needs of most students.  Students, who do not learn to read, write and spell when presented with a broad, balanced literacy program should be offered a variety of alternative strategies to meet this goal.  If these alternative strategies are not successful, the student may have a reading disorder, sometimes known as dyslexia. 
    Students who exhibit signs of dyslexia may need intervention treatment in order to be successful in school.  Denton Independent School District offers a dyslexia program to students who meet the eligibility criteria.  The Alphabetic Phonics program coupled with best practices from the Situation Learning, and Take Flight Programs are used as the intervention model.  Students identified as being dyslexic will be given support and appropriate accommodations in order to be successful in their academic programs. 
    Jenell Kenny
    Denton ISD District Dyslexia Coordinator
    Office in Bill Giese Special Services Building
    1303 N. Elm Street, Denton, TX 76201
    DISD Dyslexia Department  Vision, Mission, Beliefs