New to the District

  • We thank you for your interest in the Denton Independent School District and hope to provide you with the information you will need to enroll your child in one of our schools and get acquainted with the variety of academic and extracurricular programs we offer.

    A parent registers her children

    New Student Enrollment Information

    In an effort to ease the burden on busy families, the district has an online registration process for new student enrollment. New families to the district have the ability to learn about and begin the enrollment process by clicking here.

    To complete the enrollment process parents should complete the online registration and upload the following documents: birth certificate, social security card and updated immunization records. Parents will also need to provide proof of residency (a utility bill, lease agreement, etc.) and at least three emergency contacts.
    If you have further questions, please check out our frequently asked questions for further assistance.

    Denton ISD Basic Information

    Denton ISD encompasses 180 square miles and contains all or parts of 16 cities, communities or major developments. The district currently educates more than 30,000 students and is one of the fastest-growing school districts in the state, almost doubling in size over the past decade.

    The district currently includes four comprehensive high schools, eight middle schools, 24 elementary schools, two early childhood centers, an alternative high school, an advanced technology complex and other specialized schools. Its location – almost centrally located between Dallas and Fort Worth – ensures that Denton ISD will continue to be a popular destination for families.

    Growth has only increased the district’s commitment to excellence in the classroom, with Denton ISD students exceeding state and national averages in standardized tests and college entrance exams. The district still maintains its “small-town” roots as well, with student-to-teacher ratios of less than 13:1 at the elementary level and 22:1 at the secondary level.

    What School Will My Child Attend?

    To find out what school your child will attend, visit our School Finder tool and follow the instructions on the page. For more information on a particular campus, please visit that campus’ website or contact its main office directly.

    The district sets attendance zone boundaries with the goal of keeping students as close to their “home” school as possible, but because of continued rapid growth, attendance zones are subject to change for an upcoming school year. To view the attendance zones for the upcoming school year (per campus level), click below.

    Student Transportation Information

    Denton ISD recognizes that safe, efficient and dependable transportation to students is an important part of the educational process. The district provides transportation to any student that resides more than two miles away from their “home” campus. Transportation for students with special needs are determined on a case-by-case basis.

    Applications for Bus service are completed during your child’s online registration.

    If you need additional information on transportation services or policies, please contact the transportation department directly at 940-369-0300.

    Social Services

    The Denton ISD Social Work Office serves as a liaison between school, home and the community. The department, led by Barb Haflich (who can be reached at 940-369-0599 or, coordinator of social services, also works with homeless and foster care students.

    Contact the Social Work Office if you need any help or information regarding any social, cultural or economic needs. For more information, visit the Denton ISD Social Services website.

    Helpful Information

    The Denton area – and the cities and towns that make up our school district – is a wonderful community that values education and partners with the district on numerous activities and events. Denton ISD students are prominently involved in educational partnerships with local colleges and universities in the area, community services projects, artistic endeavors, and a variety of family-oriented civic activities.

    To further explore the area and gather additional information about your child's education, we welcome you to visit the websites below about education and local communities.