Division of Academic Programs

  • Area Superintendent

    Dr. Lacey Rainey
    Assistant Superintendent of Academic Programs

    The Denton ISD Division of Academic Programs oversees all educational initiatives of the district's schools. It comprises almost every division and department in Denton ISD related to student education. As part of the division's oversight, Dr. Lacey Rainey supervises Denton ISD's four Area Superintendents, Counseling & Social Work and Special Education.

Area Superintendents

  • The four Area Superintendents, Dr. Jeff Russell, Dr. Charlene Parham, Robin Brownell and Luci Schulz provide guidance to school principals and department heads who oversee educational and student-related endeavors within the four high school learning zones. In addition to oversight, the division supervises and evaluates all elementary and secondary principals, playing a key role in the leadership at the campus level.

Braswell Learning Zone

Denton Learning Zone

Guyer Learning Zone

Ryan Learning Zone