Division of Academic Programs

  • The Denton ISD Division of Academic Programs oversees all educational initiatives of district schools. It is composed of almost every division and department in Denton ISD related to student education.

    As part of the division's oversight, its four Area Superintendents, Dr. Jeff Russell, Dr. Lacey Rainey, Charlene Parham, and Dr. Gwen Perkins provide guidance to school principals and department heads who oversee educational and student-related endeavors within the four high school learning communities. In addition to oversight, the division supervises and evaluates all elementary and secondary principals, playing a key role in the leadership at the campus level.


    Mr. Jeff Russell Dr. Lacey Rainey Charlene Parham Dr. Gwen Perkins
    Braswell Learning Community Denton Learning Community Guyer Learning Community Ryan Learning Community
    Dr. Jeff Russell Dr. Lacey Rainey Charlene Parham Dr. Gwen Perkins
    jrussell2@dentonisd.org lrainey@dentonisd.org cparham@dentonisd.org gperkins@dentonisd.org
    Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant
    Billie Cadena Laura Martinez Amanda Sarchet Teresa Becker
    bcadena@dentonisd.org lmartinez@dentonisd.org asarchet@dentonisd.org tbecker@dentonisd.org
    940-369-0038 940-369-0570 940-369-0097 940-369-0079
    Campuses: Campuses: Campuses: Campuses:
    • Bell ES
    • Braswell HS
    • Cheek MS
    • Cross Oaks ES
    • Davis DAEP
    • Navo MS
    • Paloma Creek ES
    • Providence ES
    • Rodriguez MS
    • Sandbrock Ranch ES
    • Savannah ES
    • Sparks Campus
    • Union Park ES
    • Alexander ES
    • Borman ES
    • Calhoun MS
    • Denton HS
    • Evers Park ES
    • Gallian Child Care Center
    • Gonzalez ECC
    • Houston ES
    • McMath MS
    • Newton Rayzor ES
    • Windle SFYC
    • WS Ryan ES
    • Fred Moore DNS


    • Adkins ES
    • Blanton ES
    • Crownover MS
    • EP Rayzor ES
    • Guyer HS
    • Harpool MS
    • Hawk ES
    • Virtual Academy
    • McNair ES
    • Nelson ES 



    • Fred Moore HS
    • Ginnings ES
    • Hodge ES
    • The LaGrone Academy
    • Myers MS
    • Pecan Creek ES
    • Rivera ES
    • Ryan HS
    • Stephens ES
    • Strickland MS
    • Shultz ES