Welcome to Adult Education & Literacy

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    Director David GerabgiWelcome,  Adult Education serves a critical role in the development of a well-educated and highly skilled workforce. It prepares adults for further academic instruction or skills training that leads to employment and self-sufficiency.
    In response to regional workforce needs and in alignment with the Workforce Development Plan of the North Central Texas Council of Governments, our program provides adult learners with quality programs and services to help them acquire and develop literacy skills leading to a high school equivalency certificate needed to enter college or obtaining sustainable employment, so that they reach their full potential as family members, productive workers, and responsible citizens.  
    The Denton Independent School District Adult Education and Literacy program has proudly served Denton and Collin Counties for decades. Adult Education is a vital component of our district's goals in providing literacy skills to empower adults to be better prepared to live and work in our changing world, as part of the District’s Strategic Plan.
    We serve thousands of residents in our service delivery areas (Denton, Collin, Johnson, Erath, Hood and Somervell counties) through academic instruction and skills training to improve their station in life.  According to the OECD Survey of Adult Skills released in Oct 2013, 36 million Americans struggle with literacy skills, 48 million struggle with numeracy skills, and an even larger number struggle with the technology skills needed to solve every day work-like problems.  
    The Texas Workforce Investment Council reports that there were approximately 4.3 million Texans who qualified for adult education services in 2011. Research also shows that when parents value education and set goals to improve their own academic abilities, that their children are also more likely to hold the same values and are more likely to succeed in school and in life.
    Obviously, we need to do what is necessary to make significant and lasting changes in the skills profile of those in need of our services.  In July 2014, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was enacted into law. WIOA broadens the focus of adult education, literacy, and English language services to include transition to post-secondary education and employment.  WIOA improves connections to employment and training opportunities that lead to economic prosperity for workers and their families. It strengthens existing workforce development and adult education programs in ways that can benefit adults and youth with barriers to economic success. The law increases the focus on serving the most vulnerable workers, low income adults who have limited skills, lack work experience, and face other barriers to economic success and expands education and training options to help participants to access good jobs and advance in their careers.  
    These positive policy developments create an opportunity for us to rethink, reshape, and expand workforce systems, policies, and practices that are grounded in research and experience to improve the education and employability of those in need of our services.
    At Denton ISD, we are excited to be a part of this journey and invite you to join us. I am thankful and very fortunate to have a supportive Board of Trustees, Superintendent, Dr. Jamie Wilson and Dr. Richard Valenta, Deputy Superintendent of DISD who sincerely understand and appreciate the added value our program provides. Call us (940-369-0400), or come by our new office location 815 Cross Timber Street, Denton, Texas.  We are here to serve you.
    David Gerabagi, PhD
    Executive Director of Adult Education and Literacy, Grants and Community Development