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    The Denton ISD Counseling and Social Work Department is committed to supporting and investing in the social and emotional well-being of our students, staff, and community.  

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    Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs


    Texas Education Code 33.005 outlines that school districts are required to implement comprehensive school counseling programs that conform with the most recent edition of the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs.  A comprehensive school counseling program provides student support services that promote the development of behavioral, social, emotional, and academic skills in all students. Program components include:

    • Guidance Curriculum: Transferable daily skills for living that align with the Denton ISD Social and Emotional Essential 8 topics. Develops a student’s ability to make connections between education, skills, interests, and post-secondary options.
    • Individual Planning: Services provided to all students to assist with the planning, monitoring, and managing of individual educational, personal, career and social development.
    • Responsive Services: Provides prevention and intervention for immediate concerns impacting the educational, personal, career and social development of all students.


    Comprehensive school counseling programming will be provided to remote and face-to-face students. Professional practices and ethics will be applied during remote and face-to-face services.


    Remote Counseling and Student Support Services


    Remote counseling and student support services are defined as any student support services that directly support student learning and personal student needs that are delivered via technology such as video-conferencing (examples: Teams, Zoom, Webex) or audio voice (telephone) for two-way communication. Remote counseling and student support services aligns with face-to-face programming and may include:

    • Brief counseling services
    • Academic and career advising
    • Counseling and supportive guidance
    • Solutions-focused problem-solving interventions
    • Information and connection to community resources
    • Supplemental best practice-based academic or social, emotional, behavioral, or mental and behavioral health skill-building lessons to targeted groups
    • Consultation with educators, support service coordination
    • Follow-up that is provided with student or families and educators in the school context


    Remote counseling, student support and face-to-face services may be delivered by professional school counselors, student assistance counselors, school social workers and/or career counselors.


    Texas State Mandated Topics


    Universal topics determined by the Texas Education Code Sec. 38.351 and Texas Family Code Sec. 261.001 are provided to all students at a developmentally appropriate level and include:

    • Suicide Prevention/Mental and Physical Self-Care and Management
    • Substance Abuse Prevention/Healthy Choices
    • Bullying Prevention (including Cyberbullying)/Conflict Resolution Skills
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Human Trafficking Prevention


    Delivery methods for the above topics are provided remotely as well as face-to-face. These delivery methods include but are not limited to school-wide assemblies, newsletters, classroom or school-wide guidance, announcements, school-wide campaigns, Canvas courses, SeeSaw activities, and emailed videos.




    A student's right to privacy and confidentiality is the basis for an effective counseling relationship. Confidentiality ensures that school counselors won't share students' disclosures with others except when the student and/or parent/guardian authorizes it or when there is a clear and present danger to the student and/or to other persons. 


    Parents and guardians can contact their campus counselor directly for more information regarding counseling services and/or to inquire about specific services for their student. 


    Growing Strong Hearts and Strong Minds