About Our Department

  • The Denton ISD Counseling and Social Work Department (CSWD) supports campus level school counselors, student assistance counselors, and social workers by assisting families and students in removing barriers to academic, social, emotional and future success; advocates for the important role that the counselors and social workers play in the educational setting; and collaborates with community, families, district administration and campus staff in providing an ever improving comprehensive, developmental guidance and counseling program.


    Denton ISD Counselors and Social Workers are. . . 

    • Learners who constantly work to improve their craft
    • Supporters of students, families and staff  who are attentive to all stakeholders’ needs
    • Collaborators who work with fellow counselors, social workers and campus staff to problem solve
    • Student advocates who believe every child can succeed
    • Providers of a kind, patient heart; listening ears; calming presence, and clear, honest communication 
    Be the Voice
    "The Essential Eight" are social emotional learning skills embedded in the everyday learning of our Denton ISD students that provide the foundation needed to be engaged citizens who positively impact their local and global community.
    • Optimistic Thinking
    • Self-Management
    • Relationship Skills
    • Goal-Directed Behavior
    • Decision Making
    • Personal Responsibility
    • Self-Awareness
    • Social Awareness