Advanced Placement Overview

  • Denton ISD Advanced Placement Program Initiative

    Denton Independent School District strives to:
    • Ensure students quality instruction by providing effective, on-going professional development for all Advanced Placement (AP) teachers.
    • Close the achievement gap by encouraging all students access to the AP program.
    • Challenge students academically through rigorous and relevant coursework.
    • Prepare every student for the demands of university academics by successful completion of the AP exam.
    • Encouraging students to explore their individual interests by offering a diverse number of subjects available within the AP program.
    • Increase student success on AP exams by hosting study sessions and practice exams that simulate the actual AP test.
    • Help students to earn college credit and decrease their financial burden by succeeding on the AP exam.
    The Denton Independent School District remains committed to developing new strategies in an effort to fulfill these initiatives.