• Campus 40, Joe Dale Sparks


    The Texas Juvenile Probation Commission recently conducted an on-site monitoring visit at the Juvenile Probation Department and gave Denton ISD's Campus 40 program the highest rating in the state.

    Campus 40 is within the Denton County Juvenile Detention Center.  A portion of this juvenile detention audit involves reviewing the daily program schedule, school calendar, educational curriculum, and methods used by the school to serve special education students on the campus.

    The audit result for juvenile detention was 99.77% and 100% for the post-adjudication program.  These scores are some of the highest in the state for facilities with these types of programs.

    The county staff involved in the program include: Judge Kimberly McCary, Matt Marick, Director of Juvenile Detention for DCJDC, and Dave Lenington, Deputy Director of Juvenile Detention for DCJDC. and Chrissy Gattenby, Deputy Director of Institutions.


    The Denton ISD staff includes: Paul Martinez, Principal; Jenneal Vincent, Registrar; Jessica Galvan, Attendance Clerk and Court Liaison; and, Dina Sosa, Assistant Registrar.


    Something to Brag About

    ·         Recipient of the 2006 Governor’s Excellence Grant 

    ·         Highest Rated Juvenile Detention Center and School in Texas in 2006 and 2015

    ·         Teachers are certified for multiple levels and multiple disciplines.

    ·         Differentiated, interactive learning for ages 10-17   

    ·         Engaged in instruction together in the classrooms

    ·         More than fifty percent of all full-time personnel have been at this campus for 10 or more years.

    ·         Began Professional Learning Communities in 2006 before PLC’s were cool – also content vocabulary-and are still utilizing

    ·         Dedicated, effective, and caring teachers for students in detention

    ·         Students frequently make as much as two to three year gains academically in Math and Reading while at Sparks.

    ·         Consistently receives the highest rating possible in Alternatively Evaluated Schools.

    ·         There are no cell phones, iPODs, or gaming devices to distract the students.

    ·         Students have regular meals and a consistent sleep schedule.

    ·         Ninety-five percent of attempted credits are earned.

    ·         Supervision by highly-trained staff in every classroom

    ·         Low (12:1) student to teacher ratio