Sparks Campus - Art Education

  • In art class Sparks students will learn the stepping stones of art including the elements and principles of art, as well as various drawing and painting techniques. Through formal instruction students should learn the guidelines of art so that they can get comfortable in their knowledge and abilities. Beyond that, students will push the boundaries of artistic expression, so they can break through and start exploring their own innate artistic talents. We will do projects that expose them to different artists, cultures, and styles of art. We hope to foster a learning environment that will help them feel safe to take risks in their learning and not be afraid to try new things.


    The students at Sparks Campus have a great opportunity in front of them. While here at sparks they have highly qualified and knowledgeable teachers. All teachers are certified to teach grades 4 to 12. The students will also get the attention and help they need since our class size is limited to twelve students. While attending Sparks, students have access to additional resources if necessary with our two inclusion teachers. We make every attempt to make the transition back to their home campus smooth. As a Denton ISD school we follow the district’s recommended scope and sequence, so students will be current in their coursework. 

  • Student Art Work  Art of girls with buttons and beads  Mind

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