Parents and Students,


    We are excited to begin planning for your students' schedules for their next year in middle school. Students, along with their parents, will be selecting their courses for either 7th or 8th grade for the 2021/2022 school year. Home Access Center will be open for rising 7th graders (currently in 6th grade)  December 8-10 and for rising 8th graders (currently in 7th grade) December 14-16. Please review all resources below before you begin to select courses.  


    Students and parents will have a second opportunity to verify course selections in HAC the week of March 16-24, 2021.


    --The course cards show all the courses we offer and give a brief overview of each course. There are also directions to understand how courses should be selected. ***Helpful Hint: Use the course card to make a plan before selecting courses in HAC.***


    The course cards are used to record courses and plan selections needing to be entered into Home Access Center (HAC).

    Please watch the video first to learn more about how to enter your selections correctly.

    All Middle School students will have 7 periods per day.

    • Four (4) core:  English (2 periods per day in a double block), Math, Science, Social Studies
    • Two Electives and a PE for 7th graders, and three electives (can include a PE) for 8th graders


    Students who are in 7th grade are required to take a physical education course (PE, Athletics, Tennis, or Partner PE). Students who are 8th grade are not required to enroll in physical education, but can decide to select any physical education course as an elective. 


    Athletics will require a physical from your doctor and rank one paperwork. Please be prepared to choose at least 2 sports you would like to participate in competitively. Students that are not participating in a sport will be placed in off season training. Athletics is a year long commitment. 

    • Boys Athletics (Football, Basketball, Track, Cross Country)
    • Girls Athletics (Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Cross Country) 


    Please consider all courses carefully. Parents and students will be able to review course selections the week of March 16-24, 2021


    After this time, parents and students should consider course selections to be a firm commitment.  Staffing & course offerings are planned based on course requests.

    After this date schedule changes will only be allowed for these specific reasons: 


    • Student is enrolled in a class for which he/she has already received credit.
    • Student is enrolled in the incorrect level of an assigned course.
    • Student is enrolled in a class for which he/she has not met the prerequisite.
    • Student is not enrolled in a class for which there was a tryout. For example band, choir, athletics.
    • Student Is missing a core class. (English, Math, Social Studies, and Science).
    • Student has an incomplete schedule.


    While every effort will be made to schedule students into the elective courses of their choosing, students are not guaranteed enrollment in elective courses. Enrollment numbers and master scheduling conflicts can result in a student having to take an alternative elective. Students will be placed into required electives first. 


    • NOTE- Students may be placed in an intervention class in lieu of their elective, depending on their previous year’s performance and as determined by campus administration.


    Course selections for all students should be completed no later than December 16. 


    Thank you,


    Navo Middle School Counseling Team


    Kassidy Kirkland (kkirkland2@dentonisd.org

    Jessica Stewart (jstewart3@dentonisd.org)  

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