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    Senate Bill 1108, passed during the 78th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2003, requires a school principal to designate a guidance counselor, teacher, or other appropriate individual to develop and implement a personal graduation plan for each student in junior high, middle school, or high school who does not perform satisfactorily on an assessment instrument administered under Subchapter B, Chapter 39; or who is not likely to receive a high school diploma before the fifth school year following the student's enrollment in grade 9 (as determined by the district) (TEC §28.0212).  Additionally, each district is required to provide accelerated instruction to a student enrolled in the district who has taken the secondary exit-level assessment instrument and has not performed satisfactorily on each section or who is at risk of dropping out of school (TEC §29.081).


    The personal graduation plan is a working document used by counselors and/or administrators to track student completion of graduation requirements. It is a tool used to document endorsement selections, coursework, and graduation requirments.

    Here is an informational video to help students understand endorsements and course selection. 

    Endorsement Informational Video

Last Modified on August 23, 2021