SABER TEAM:  This elite group has the honor of performing at special events such as Homecoming, Awards Night, the Military Appreciation Night, and other special occasions, by learning how to perform a “saber arch” in front of large audiences. Demonstrations are also conducted at local schools. Participation in state saber competitions is usually in the “unarmed” team competition category. Distinctive uniform elements are worn.


    AERO CLUB: This club operates and maintains the unit's drones and other remotely controlled aircraft in accordance with Air Force and District policies and in accordance with FAA regulations. Cadets learn leadership and management principles of an Air Force flight program, perform community outreach, and provide multimedia support programs and activities.


    ACADEMIC TEAM: Academic team is a highly selective team composed of the seven highest academically ranked cadets in the Corps. These students will be selected and invited onto the team by the SASI. They are expected to study five subjects (English, Math, Science, Military Studies, and Current Events) and compete in global academic competitions throughout the school year.


    ROCKETRY CLUB: Model rocketry is designed, building, and flying of rockets that are made of paper, plastic, balsa wood, or any other lightweight material. A model rocketry program can provide an exciting introduction for cadets to concepts of aerospace engineering and design and the basic concepts of flight and space. It can motivate cadets to attain a greater knowledge of aerospace studies and arouse interest in aerospace careers.






Last Modified on May 10, 2022