1. First off Athletic Uniforms (REQUIRED) some of you have already ordered your child's athletic gear, but for those who haven't the on-line store for purchasing Athletic gear is now open and will close at midnight on August 18th the website to access the store is https://calhoungirls217.itemorder.com
    For a set (shirt/shorts) it's $32.00 once Order has been placed all items will ship to me Tina Benton at Calhoun. PLEASE, PLEASE get this done ASAP
    2. Physicals (7th Grade Girls-REQUIRED, 8th grade NEW REQUIRED) if your student is going into 7th grade this year they are required to have a Physical done by a physician, if you have an 8th grader NEW to Athletics this year they will need a physical as well. This is state required without a physical on file with the school your student will not be allowed to participate in athletics. School starts Wednesday, August 16th ALL girls will need their physicals by then. 
    To access a physical form you can go to
    www.dentonisd.org, departments tab, Athletics tab, on the left of the Athletics page you will see a link for 2017-2018 Athletic Physical Information click on that you can print out a physical form in English or Spanish. I believe the direct link for that page is www.dentonisd.org/Page/432
    You can also download a physical form by going to www.rankonesport.com, for parents, fill out electronic forms, select state, school district, on blue line select download and print. A physical form will appear this is the form you will need to take to your physician. 
    You can also get physicals done at Carenow, Minor Emergency, etc
    3. Health Electronic Forms-(7th/8th Girls ALL REQUIRED)- please make sure you all go to www.rankonesport.com to fill out all electronic forms this is other health info, concussion awareness, etc that is required for us to have on file. 
    The website is www.rankonesport.com, for parents tab, fill out electronic forms tab, follow steps from there. You will need your athletes student ID for this. 

Last Modified on August 10, 2017