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    When applying for an IB transfer at the secondary level, please remember:


    • Both the parent/legal guardian and the student are required to contact Denton HS and attend an IB screening session prior to being considered for a transfer.


    • Parents must fill out the Denton ISD transfer form during the open transfer window in addition to attending an IB screening session.


    • 9th/10th grade students MUST take a minimum of 2 Honors or AP classes as an IB transfer student to prepare for the IB Diploma.


    • 11th/12th grade students MUST take a minimum of 2 IB Diploma courses to attend DHS on an IB transfer. Full Diploma candidates are preferred.


    Please Contact the appropriate IB coordinator when you are considering applying for an IB Transfer.  They will guide you through your next steps and answer any questions you may have.


     IB Campus Contact Information


    Elementary School IB Contacts
    Borman Elementary School

    Campus IB Coordinator  ~  Heather Thornburg


    Borman's IB Webpage:  Click Here

    Office:  940-369-2558                                Fax:   940-369-4903

    Newton Rayzor Elementary School

    Campus IB Coordinator  ~  Linda Gavilanes


    Newton Rayzor's IB Webpage:   Click Here

    Office:  940-369-3765                                Fax:   940-369-4924

    Middle School IB Contacts
    Calhoun Middle School

    Campus IB Coordinator  ~  Chris Slocum


    Calhoun's IB Webpage:   Click Here

    Office:  940-369-2355                            Fax:   940-369-4939

    High School IB Contacts
    Denton High School

    Campus IB Coordinator (Current 8th or 9th Grade Students)

    Crystal Sullivan


    Denton HS's IB Webpage (Middle Years - 9th & 10th Grade):   Click Here

    Office:  940-369-2014                               Fax:   940-369-4953

    Campus IB Diploma Program Coordinator (Current 10th or 11th Grade Students)

     Beth Hughes


    Denton HS's IB Webpage (Diploma Program - 11th & 12th Grade):  Click Here

    Office:  940-369-2238                    Fax:   940-369-4953