• Denton ISD Transfer Appeals




    Elementary transfer requests are NOT eligible for appeal.


    Inter-District transfer requests are NOT eligible for appeal.

     Spring Transfer Appeals Will Be Open June 1 through June 7, 2021 


    Program and Pre-Kinder placements are not considered transfers.  These student placements do not determine a students home campus.


    Due to pending enrollment numbers, all Kindergarten transfer requests will be "Wait-listed" until enrollment numbers stabilize.  Parents are required to complete the application and to enroll their child at their home campus until a transfer decision is processed and communicated to you in August (this could possibly be after the first day of school).  Because a vast majority of the information communicated is aligned, please allow your child to participate in Meet the Teacher Night and attend activities at the campus zoned for the primary residence of the parent or legal guardian.



     District Transfer Appeal Process for Secondary Intra-District Only
    Transfer Appeal Guidelines

    ENGLISH -Transfer Appeal Application

    SPANISH -Transfer Appeal Application