Request to Remain

  • What Is A Request to Remain? 

    A request to remain is considered when a student moves outside of the district or into a different attendance zone DURING the school year.
    If the legal residence of a family changes from one attendance zone to another attendance zone, within the district or outside of the district, the student may either remain at the school he/she was attending before the residence change ~ or ~ attend the school in the new attendance zone.
    If the student and parent, guardian, or person having legal control over the student prefer that the student remain at the school he or she is attending, a request to remain form shall be submitted to the building principal (or their designee).  
    A student who petitions for the Request to Remain shall be under the same conditions of transfer as a regular transfer student.  If the student violates the transfer policy, the campus principal or designee shall inform the parent that the transfer shall be revoked at the end of the semester/year. 
    UIL regulations apply to students requesting to remain at their current campus.
    Request to Remains are only valid for the current school year in which the petition occurred.  If a student is approved for a request to remain, their parent must apply for a transfer during the transfer window to remain at the campus for subsequent years.  

    If a student moves during the summer, or fails to apply during the transfer window, a Request to Remain option is not available.  The student must apply for a transfer through the transfer application process during the open transfer window.


    Complete the Request to Remain Application using the link below, and turn in the completed form to your school's Registrar along with your new proof of residence.  

    Request to Remain Application 

    Request to Remain Administrative Guidelines