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    2017-2018  7th and 8th Girls Track Schedule:




    Admission is free to the track meets except District Meet; Adults $4 Students $2. Only athletes and coaches are allowed on the infield during running events. All spectators are to be in the stands. All field events and the 2400m begin at 3:30. All other running events begin at 5:00pm.
    Races will be ran in the following order:  [7th girls/8th girls/7th boys/8th boys]
    The order of running events will be as follows:
    1.2400m run
    2.100m hurdles            7. 400m dash
    3. 400m relay               8. 300m hurdles
    4. 800m run                  9. 200m dash
    5. 100m dash               10.1600m run
    6. 800m relay               11. 1600m relay
    Field Events will be run off in the following order:
    Long Jump   [7th boys/7th girls/8th boys/8th girls]
    High Jump   [7th girls/8th boys/8th girls/7th boys]
    Triple Jump  [8th boys/8th girls/7th boys/7th girls]
    Shot Put      [8th girls/7th boys/7th girls/8th boys]
    Discus         [7th boys/7th girls/8th boys/8th girls]
    Pole Vault    [7th boys/8th girls/8th boys/7th girls]
    Girls Track Contact tbenton@dentonisd.org for Questions

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