• Guyer Senior Ad Information


    To the Parents of Guyer Seniors,

    It’s time to consider an ad in the yearbook. To mark this special occasion, you can participate in honoring your son or daughter.  The following information will let you know how to contribute a unique senior message to your graduate.  During first semester, yearbooks are $70. You may include a message, photographs, dedication, or a combination of these to a graduating student by purchasing space reserved for this purpose. Go to Jostens.com to purchase, design, and submit your senior ad.


    Prices:     Full Page $320     ½  Page $160     ¼ Page $ 80     1/8 Page $40

    Design Fee:

    Submitted to/Designed on-line by you at Jostens.com       Free 
    Submitted to/Designed by Guyer add                               $25


    Guidelines if submitted to Guyer:

    • You must obtain written authorization for any copyrighted work.

    • All images must be saved in a .jpeg format flash drive or CD.

    • Images from digital cameras need to have at least 3.3 mega pixels and shot at the high-resolution setting. 

    • If you scan images, change the resolution to at least 300 dpi. 

    • All photos and text must be submitted at the same time.

    • LESS is MORE. Too many photos squeezed into the ad compromises the look of the ad. 

    • Carefully select photos that are of best quality. Any blurred photos or grainy photos will still print that way.

    • Photos from cell phones usually are not high enough resolution and will not print in the yearbook.

      Purchase & design by Friday, Nov. 15, 2019 to guarantee space. Go to Jostens.com, click “Yearbooks” then click “order your senior ad” then search “Guyer”. Payment and ads will be accepted at Guyer for additional $25. Purchasing and submitting on-line occur no additional fees. Please remember that a limited number of pages are dedicated to these seniors and space will run out.  Availability will be on a first come, first served basis.

      Your senior ad must be submitted no later than Friday, November 15, 2019. Please plan accordingly to meet the deadline. No refunds will be issued. If you have any questions, please email Larry Turner at LTurner@dentonisd.org or call 940-369-1170. 

    If purchasing and submitting through Guyer High School, complete the following:

    Senior’s Name:_________________________________Parent Name:_______________________________

    Parent Email:___________________________________Parent Phone:______________________________

    Size of Ad: _______________           Ad Cost: ________ Design Fee: $25               Ad Total: ______________

    ___I give permission to make any adjustments* to the submitted ad.

    ___I do NOT give permission to make any adjustments* to the submitted ad.

    *Adjustments include, but are not limited to, layout design and text errors.

    My signature indicates that I understand failure to submit ad materials on or before November 15 will result in the loss of ad and money.