• Thank you to all of our amazing applicants for your interest in joining the Guyer Student Council. We would like to emphasize how INCREDIBLE our applicant pool was this year!


    Our selections are made based on several criteria including: 

    -The scores of a 5 person panel that look over the applicant’s paper application (including at least one officer and one sponsor). 

    -The scores of a 4-5 person interview committee (including at least one officer and one sponsor)

    -The average score of the applicant’s core teachers

    -Feedback from elective teachers, counselors, school administration, and community leaders who have written letters of recommendation


    Congratulations to our newest members:


    Beeks, Clara

    Brown, Aca'zya

    Cannedy, Abba

    Cevallos, Allison

    Christensen, Alivia

    Cook, Audrey

    Fasih, Fizzah

    Fry, Remly

    Goldberg, Luke

    Hill, Karli

    Kim, Ah Young

    Kim, Audrey

    Lander, Makenzie

    Lozanno, Ivanna

    Mayes, Natalie

    Mulholland, Maddie

    Patten, Ryley

    Ramirez, Jonathan

    Rosengren, Brandon


    Sopiarz, Claire

    Spivey, Matthew

    Wilson, Nicholas