• National Honor Society

    Guyer High School Chapter


    • I am hoping to conduct our NHS selection for the 2020/2021 school year virtually the first week or two of July. I have to wait for the return of on-contract office staff in order to receive the necessary information to begin the induction process.
    • There are four criteria for selection: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character.  The first criteria, Scholarship, is based on GPA.  If students have at least a 4.50 weighted GPA, I will be contacting them to provide more information regarding their Service activities and Leadership roles.  I will also gather input from all of their teachers in order to determine their Character.  
      • Once membership is determined, we will elect new officers.

    Advisor: Alyscia Ellis, aellis2@dentonisd.org


    2020/2021 Officers:


    Vice President: 






    What if I was in NJHS?

    Middle school membership in NJHS has no bearing on NHS membership.


    I have a 4.5 GPS. When will I be invited to join NHS?

    Students are not invited to join NHS until their junior year. Junior students’ GPAs are looked at in April. The students who qualify with at least a 4.5 GPA are invited to join. We review the list again when school starts the following year.  Upon review of the list, newly qualifying students are invited to join. Students are invited to join NHS because of their GPA, but they must complete an application and be approved by a faculty council in order to be members. GPA does not guarantee membership.


    I am a senior in NHS. When will I get my graduation stole?

    Stoles are not given to the members until right before graduation. Membership into NHS does not guarantee the privilege of wearing the stole at graduation. Following National Honor Society guidelines, there are requirements throughout the year, such as service hours and maintaining the 4.5 GPA, that students must meet in order to graduate with NHS honors.


Last Modified on June 29, 2020