You may keep track of your points in the Guyer NHS 2021/21 Point Totals form. For privacy reasons, please find the link in the NHS GroupMe.


    NHS Projects 

    • At least 120 of your required 150 points must come from NHS events.
    • These include events like canned food drives, Denton Library tutoring, etc.
    • 10 or More Points Each


    • Dues are $20. They are not required.
    • 20 Points

     Individual Service Hours

    • You must use this form to document your Individual Service Hours: Individual Service Hours Form
    • These service hours must be completed outside the regular school day.
    • You cannot count activities in which you are compensated financially or academically. For example, if you are completing a project for PALS or Student Council in which you receive a grade, that project cannot count as NHS service hours.
    • You may count activities completed as part of other organizations, such as Scouting.
    • Actions that are part of your normal worship service (e.g. ushering at church, babysitting, or singing in the choir) do not count.
    • Form must be submitted within 30 days to receive points.   
    • You may only earn up to 20 points per event or activity.
    • If you are uncertain about whether an activity qualifies, please contact Mrs. Ellis in advance of the event.
    • 5 Points Per Hour


    • Meetings will be held on the last Thursday of each month in room J218.
    • You are required to attend monthly meetings.
    • Before School – 8:00
    • After School – 4:15
    • 5 Points Per Meeting

     NHS Graduation Requirement

    • You must earn 150 points (by TBD, 2022) to wear the stole and graduate with NHS honors.