Denton ISD's Vision for Digital Citizenship:

    All stakeholders in Denton ISD will be responsible digital citizens who use technology safely, effectively, ethically, and respectfully.
    Providence Elementary's Vision for Digital Citizenship:
    Providence Elementary is committed to creating good citizens.  Among the skills needed to work and play in a highly technological world is a working understanding of good digital citizenship.  As we work towards the district goal of becoming a Common Sense Certified School, we will be using curriculum from Common Sense Media to teach our students about digital safety and responsibility.  

    Dear Providence Families,
    Our school is a Common Sense Media Digital Certified Campus.  As part of the requirements to meet this certification level, our students will receive grade level appropriate instruction in Digital Literacy and Citizenship throughout the year. Students will participate in at least 3 lessons that follow the curriculum set forth by Commons Sense Media.
    Our Librarian, Mrs. Ware, and Library Assistant, Mrs. Norris, will be responsible for co-teaching these lessons to our students throughout the year. 
    We appreciate your support as we build a united front to ensure all of our students are digitally safe.
    Jaria Diggs
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    To View Family Tip Sheets from our lessons through Common Sense Media
    To View the Family Media Agreement and establish safe boundaries for your children
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Last Modified on January 7, 2020