• 3D Printing @ the Hub in GHS Library
    About our 3D printer. 
    The library has a Makerbot Replicator Mini compact 3D printer which uses PLA filament.   The print volume is 3.9in x 3.9in x 4.9in.  All files must be in the STL format to print.
    A.  Students must attend orientation class and complete the following 6 basic lessons on Tinkercad before they are eligible to 3D print.
         1. Learning the moves
         2. Camera controls
         3. Creating holes
         4. Scale copy and paste
         5. Key ring, letters!
         6. Die on the Workplane
         7. Mine Craft Party Glasses
         8. Cufflinks
         9. Simple Heart Ring
         10. Skull Button
    B.  Design must be original or make significant improvements to an existing design.
    C.  Files must be in the STL format and be approved by Ms. Neale or Ms. Davis before printing.  Be prepared to show us your source file if you are improving an existing design.
    D.  The printer's primary use is for prototyping, not mass production. 
    Tinkercad is a free, easy-to-learn online app anyone can use to create and print 3D models.  It is a great place to start!
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    ex. 123456
    Tip:  How to get an STL file from Tinkercad on a Chromebook.
    1.  In Tinkercad, click Design from top menu.
    2.  Choose Download for 3D printing.
    3.  Your file will appear in a box in the bottom left of the screen.
    4.  Click on down arrow and choose show in folder.
    5.  Drag the download to your Google drive or to USB drive.
    What to do if you want to print something:
    1. Get the object file (must be an STL) and put it on a flash drive.
    2. Complete the 3D Print Application.
    3. Go to the Library and give the librarians (Ms. Neale or Ms. Davis) your flash drive.
    4. Your files will then be reviewed by one of us to see if they meet the guidelines for 3D printing.  If there are any issues with the project, you will be notified.
    5. If the project is approved, the price will be calculated based off a formula listed on the 3D Print Application.  IMPORTANT:  Payment must be given to the librarians before the printing can be started.  You will be given an estimate of when your item will be ready.
    6. Once your project is done, you will receive a text, phone call, or email informing you that your project is finished and can be picked up from the library.
    The guidelines for printing will be on the 3D Print Application or you can print the following 3D Print Apllication (pdf).
    We look forward to working with you!