NCTC Dual Credit

    Information for 2019-2020

    Did you miss the dual credit meeting. Here is the link to the presentation: https://prezi.com/view/iB2dSeV0E6GjQr4Fttoy/.
    The presentation was live streamed from our Facebook page and can be viewed at Guyer Counselors Page. 
    Summer I Dates: June 10-July 11 (5 Weeks)
    Summer II Dates: July 15-August 15 (5 Weeks)
    Summer III Dates: June 10-August 15 (10 Weeks)
    DEADLINE: March 29th 
    Summer Registration has begun! Get your materials submitted ASAP. Classes are filling up quickly! 
    Step 1: Complete ApplyTexas: https://www.applytexas.org
    Step 2: Complete the permission form and turn it in the counseling office 
    Step 3: Request an official transcript in Naviance and pay $2.00 to the counseling office. 
    Step 4: Submit a copy of test scores 

    Read below to find out what the next steps are to completing the process of dual credit registration for NCTC. 

    • You must follow the admissions process - visit the dual credit page listed above.

    • Mrs. Diane Mannion will register the student for the course(s) based on the information written on the Dual Credit Registration form submitted by the student.  Get your form turned in EARLY!

    • Students will need to check their MyNCTC account to verify they are enrolled for the correct course any time after the start of registration.

    • Students will be responsible to log into their MyNCTC account to verify they are in the correct class and pay their tuition. 

    • Need a payment plan? https://www.nctc.edu/business-office/payment-plan.html
    • Scholarships are available! https://www.nctc.edu/external-affairs/scholarships/scholarship-application-guide.html
    • Payment is due at the time of registration.

    • If the student is unable to log into their MyNCTC account, then an email must be sent to admissions@nctc.edu . The email should include the student’s full name, date of birth, home address and NCTC student ID (if the student has it), so that admissions can send you your information. 

    • Attendance is required for dual credit students.

    • After completing the class, request an official transcript from NCTC.

    • Bring your NCTC official transcript to the Guyer counseling office. 

    Please contact Diane Mannion if you have questions regarding the Dual Credit process with NCTC.  Contact information is below.

    Diane Mannion, Dual Credit Coordinator, Corinth & Flower Mound Campuses

    dmannion@nctc.edu                940-498-6278




    TWU Dual Credit

    Information for 2019-2020

    Please check attachments on the Dual Credit Presentations and Forms link on the left side of this page for the power point from dual credit night and a step by step guide of registering for TSI.

    TWU Dual Credit Website: https://twu.edu/dual-credit/

    Step by Step Guide for TWU Dual Credit: https://twu.edu/dual-credit/how-to-apply/dual-credit-application-checklist/

    TWU will pick up all forms from Guyer Friday, May 10, 2019.  
    Payment must be made by Tuesday, August 20th.
    Guyer students may currently take the following dual credit courses through TWU on the Guyer Campus: AP English 3, AP English 4, AP Biology, AP US Government, and AP or On Level Statistics, Honors Pre-Calculus, On Level Calculus.     
    PLEASE NOTE: ALL TWU Dual Credit classes are held during the school year on the Guyer Campus
    TSI Dates at Guyer High School 
    Wednesday, April 3rd and Thursday, April 4th 
    Complete the TSI PRe-Assessment Activity and Register here: https://twu.edu/testing/texas-success-initiative-assessment-tsia/
    Access Code: GuyerTesting2019
    *Please see step by step guide to registering at the Dual Credit Presentations and Forms link. 
    Please contact Tanisha Johnson, Dual Credit Coordinator at TWU, for questions and/or for more information.