• Absences 


    Do not call in an absence for your student. 

    All notes to excuse absences must be turned into the Attendance Office within three days (72 hours) of your student’s return to school.

    Each note should include your student’s full name, ID number, dates absences occurred and reason for the absence.

    Absences with no notes turned in become unverified absences, absences with notes turned in past three days or for reasons not excusable by the student handbook become unexcused absences.

    Unverified and Unexcused absences are what trigger warning letters regarding violation of truancy laws and can lead to filing parent contributing and/or student truant conduct charges.

    Absence Notes may be turned into the Attendance Office or emailed to: bhsnotes@dentonisd.org 

    English and Spanish notes are accepted.

    Types of Absences

    Excused by Parent Note: Denton ISD accepts a written note signed by a parent/guardian to excuse an absence if the note is submitted within three days (72 hours) of the student’s return to school, and the reason for the absence falls within the guidelines outlined by the Opens a New Window.student handbookOpens a New Window.. If the student is absent for more than four consecutive days a doctor's note is required to excuse the absence. If the student has a questionable pattern of attendance, the school may require a medical note to excuse future absences.

    Excused by Healthcare Provider: Healthcare provider notes to excuse full day absences should be turned in to the Attendance Office within three days of the student returning to school. Healthcare provider notes are required for any absence that exceeded four consecutive days.

    College Visits: Two college visits per year are allowed for juniors and seniors. Fill out a college visit  permission form and turn them into the AP office prior to your visit. Return your college visit paperwork including a note issued by the college attended on college letterhead with the student's name and date on it as proof of their visit.

    Medical/Dental Appointments: When a student misses only part of a school day to attend a medical appointment, the absence will be coded as a Medical absence once note is returned from physicians office. Students should sign out/in at the front office/attendance office upon arriving or returning to school.

    Funeral Absences: When a student is out to attend a funeral please include the relation to the student in your note of excuse and provide some documentation from the service. Denton ISD will excuse up to three absences for per school year to attend the funeral of an immediate family member. Please refer to the Opens a New Window.student handbookOpens a New Window. for clarification.

    Religious Absences: When turning in notes to excuse an absence due to a holy day be sure to specify the holy day observed in your note. It is the parent’s responsibility to check the student handbook to see which religious holy days are excused.  Please submit documentation prior to holy day observance for approval.

    Absences for all other reasons such as vacations and trips, babysitting, family reunions and working shall be considered unexcused.

    Please note that both excused and unexcused absences, count against the 90% attendance rule for credit.