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    What is Pre-K? 

    Pre-K programs are designed to ready your child for kindergarten and set her up for school success in the long-term.  They spend each day learning to play well with others, beginning to form a solid foundation for learning and they are moving through a central stage in their development where they work on coordination and cognition.


    In Pre-K, your child will be exposed to a core curriculum that helps her develop the skills and knowledge to prepare her for her next stage of school. Most Pre-K classes will include 18 to 20 students led by a certified early childhood education teacher as well as a paraprofessional to assist with small group work and learning activities.

    We will focus on:  

    ·         Gross and Fine Motor Skills: Playing outside (when weather cooperates), improving coordination and social skills.

    ·         Reading Aloud: Developing reading skills and literary confidence through listening, reading, and writing.

    ·         Center/Choice Time: Learning independence and decision-making skills by working independently on various art and reading projects.

    ·         Class Meeting: Coming together as a community for activities such as music, stories, and math to strengthen social skills through group learning.

    ·         Small Group: Spending time with the teacher one-on-one or in a small group to allow for guided practice opportunities.

    ·         Meal (Snack) Time: Cultivating healthy eating habits and reaffirming social skills with discussions around the table.