• Secondary Fine Arts Centers

    As of 1/19/23, the Ryan HS Fine Arts Center is still closed to outside rentals due to a flood that necessitated the replacement of several key components in the Center. We anticipate this space opening for outside rental requests (tentatively based on completion of repairs) in June 2024.

    The Denton HS Fine Arts Center will open on a limited basis for outside rentals beginning in September 2023.

    The Braswell HS Fine Arts Center (Auditorium) is open on a limited basis for outside rental requests.

    The Guyer HS Fine Arts Center (Auditorium) is open on a limited basis to outside rental requests.

    Questions regarding the use of these spaces should be directed to the Fine Arts Center Manager on that campus.

    Please note, a reservation is not confirmed until a quote has been provided, the agreement form has been signed by both parties, and a deposit for the space and crew has been submitted to the campus.

    Signed agreements are voided in ten business days if deposit is not submitted to the campus.

    Please see the links below for the handbook and forms containing guidelines for requesting the use of the facilities.