Crownover Physical Education Department
    Matt Fischer - mfischer@dentonisd.org  940-369-4731
    KeriAnne Dunn - kdunn@dentonisd.org  940-369-4730
    Tanya McGregor - tmcgregor@dentonisd.org 940-369-4752
    J.T. Ashcraft - jashcraft@dentonisd.org 940-369-4728
    9:06-9:54      2nd period     7th/8th PE      McGregor/Fischer
    9:57-10:50     3rd period      6th PE      Dunn/Ashcraft
        Partner PE           Fischer
    10:53-11:41    4th Period      6th PE McGregor/Fischer
        6th PE Dunn/Ashcraft
    11:41-12:11     5th Period No PE  
    1:05-1:53        6th Period     7th/8th PE     Dunn/Ashcraft
    1:56-2:44         7th Period     6th PE     Dunn/Ashcraft

    Dress Out Clothes

    White or Gray Shirt (does not have to be Crownover)

    Black, Gray, or Maroon Shorts

    Athletic type shoes (no sandals, Crocs, slides, boots, etc.)