• Testimonials
    Drew Smith with Carrie Sisco ATC 2008 graduate Drew Smith (seen here with ATC HSTE instructor Carrie Sisco) received his nursing pin during a pinning ceremony on May 10, 2013, from Texas Women's University. He graduated the next day and went on to work in the ER at Baylor Irving. 
    Michaela Theall, a graduate of the ATC's HSTE program, can be seen in the photo below in her scrubs during a surgery at a local veterinary hospital where she works as a vet tech. Great work, Michaela!
    Michaela Theall
    "...Glenat, who claims he’s not a big sports fan, said taking part in this production crew has opened up a new career option. For now, he enjoys handling game replays, figuring out camera angles and cuing up student-produced commercials."
    "Learning tons about sanitation and then coming here [ Johnson and Wales in Denver] and not very many people know how to do all that stuff, really makes me feel on top of things.Once again, thank you for everything you have done. I wanted to thank you personally for being a huge part in my decision to pursue a career in Culinary Arts."
    Former Culinary Arts Student

    "It's not often you find instructors that take the time to really care about the students (all their students) as you do. I was cleaning out some boxes in the attic and found some old paper drawings and blue prints from 2000, ages ago I know. I will have to come to Denton sometime and see the new class room."
    Former Architecture Design student

    "HSTE was probably the most all-around helpful class I had in high school. More than any AP class or anything and I had them all. They don’t teach you that stuff anywhere else and everyone else always wonders how I already know a lot of the stuff I do. I’m just letting you know that you’re definitely doing something right!"
    Former HSTE Student - RHS Graduate

    Former ATC HSTE student, Adrian Cadar, was recently profiled by the University of North Texas for his research on heart surgery for premature babies.

    "Because of the ATC, I want to teach when I come back from the military. I want to impact lives like mine was impacted in Ad Design. I learned so much about graphics, but I learned even more about myself and about being respectful and responsible."
    BC – Ad Design - RHS Graduate '08

    "Today is my first day at the ATC and all I can do is wonder if it gets any better than this! These students are so fortunate to have a facility such as this to grow and become responsible adults. One can only hope that they can not only recognize but also appreciate the multitude of attributes that have been gifted to them."
    Substitute Teacher

    "Thank you so much for being such an awesome teacher. I know Jonathan loved your class and not just because of the subject. Thank you!"
    Parent of a student of the ATC's Animation class 2010