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Join the LaGrone Family!

  • Enrollment for LaGrone Academy is a little different from other schools in the district. LaGrone Academy is the school of choice for Denton ISD and neighboring districts, meaning students choose to come to LaGrone Academy full-time to take their core classes, while focusing on their CTE pathway. LaGrone Academy only offers certain core classes for juniors and seniors.

    Step One: Please complete the Full-Time Application Form HERE.

    Step Two: A counselor will review your current transcript to see if we offer the courses for you to meet the requirements for graduation.

    Step Three: You will then receive an email containing details of your acceptance.

    Step Four: The office will ensure all necessary documents are complete and will contact you to schedule an enrollment appointment with your student’s new counselor to go over course selection, OR the Registrar’s Office will be in contact to assist in completing these necessary documents. We will reach out to you to schedule your student’s counselor appointment for your student's first day of school.