About Our School

  • About E.P. Rayzor Elementary

    E.P. Rayzor Elementary was built in 2002 and received an addition in 2011. The school is named after Eugenia Porter Rayzor, the wife of the late J. Newton Rayzor, a well-known attorney and developer, and previous owner of the land where the school sits.

    E.P. Rayzor is known for an environment conducive to learning and having fun. The campus prides itself on the consistent communication between students, parents and staff, which has led to a number of fun events, like the annual WolfFest carnival, and unique programs, such as the use of Nook tablets to enhance reading and math comprehension.

    Students at E.P. Rayzor have a number of opportunities to showcase their talents in and out of the classroom. Programs like the WOLF Morning News show allow students to try their hand at video production, while Reading Counts lets them collect points through reading in an effort to get prizes. Students also have the opportunity to participate in Art Club, Journalism Club, Running Club, Choir and Orchestra.

    The school stresses the importance of communication with parents, students and members of the community. Local businesses often recognize E.P. Rayzor teachers and staff for their hard work, while moms and dads can often be found volunteering in classrooms or sharing lunch with their children in the cafeteria.

    Established: 2002
    Mascot: Wolves
    Colors: Brick Red and Grey