• State and District Attendance Requirements

    In order for your child to receive a quality education, he/she must be at school on a regular basis. When a student is not present in the classroom, that child misses valuable instructional time, and this can result in large gaps in learning over time. Our goal is to work with families to make sure students are at school on time as often as possible.

    When a child is absent, the parent has 72 hours to provide the school office with a signed note documenting the reason the child missed school. Phone messages explaining absences are not acceptable forms of documentation. Beginning Sept 6, 2016, emails will be accepted if received within 72 hours and must be sent to ginningsnotes@dentonisd.org  Parents of students with excessive unverified absences and/or missed "parts of days" are in violation of the Texas Compulsory Attendance Law.

    All attendance notes must include the following information

    ·         Child's first and last name

    ·         Parent or guardian's first and last name

    ·         Date of absence

    ·         Contact phone number or email if further information needed

    ·         Description of symptoms and/or reason for absence - "feeling ill", "felt sick" and "family emergency" will not be accepted as a reason with out additional information.

    Please visit the Denton ISD attendance website for other important information. The "Top Ten Tips"" form also has helpful guidelines for parents (also available in Spanish). The following are approved district absences, if documented:

    ·         Medical illness

    ·         Board-approved extracurricular activities

    ·         Medical appointments, screenings, etc.

    ·         Juvenile or other court proceedings

    ·         Absences required by state or local welfare authorities

    ·         Approved college visitations for Juniors and Seniors only

    ·          Death and/or serious illness of an immediate family member

    ·         Religious holy days

    ·          Family emergencies (approved by administrators)

    ·         Weather and road conditions that make traveling dangerous

    ·         Quarantine

    ·         Deployment of immediate family members

    An unexcused absence is an absence that does not meet the above state and district guidelines. An unverified absence is one that has not been appropriately documented, or one that may have been turned in within the 72 hour time frame, but the reason is not acceptable.

    A student is counted tardy if he/she is not in the classroom when the tardy bell rings (7:50 a.m. for Denton ISD elementary schools). Excessive tardiness may become a matter for the attendance officers.  These are considered Loss of Significant Instructional Time (LOSIT) and can be addressed by the court the same as unexcused absences.  Leaving school early (being signed out prior to dismissal) is also considered a LOSIT.  If a child must leave early due to a medical/dental appointment, please bring in the note from the doctor so it can be excused.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's attendance, please call the Ginnings’ office at (940) 369-2700. We look forward to working with you toward our common goal of your child's success at school.

    Thank you,

    The Ginnings Attendance Committee

     point to ponder did you know
    Please print out the absent note at this link and send it to school with your child upon their return. Denton ISD policy states that a note must be sent within 72 hours of the child returning to school to excuse an absence. If a note is turned in after 72 hours the absence will be unexcused.